A smart grid is a safe grid. On September 20, 2012, FERC announced the opening of the Office of Energy Infrastructure Security. OEIS is designed to provide leadership, expertise and assistance to the Commission in identifying, communicating and seeking comprehensive solutions to significant potential cyber and physical security risks to the energy infrastructure under the

After careful review of the available literature and studies, the Staff of the Michigan Public Service Commission believes that the health risk from the installation and operation of metering systems using radio transmitters is insignificant and the appropriate federal health and safety regulations provide assurance that smart meters represent a safe technology. The report discusses

What is the Smart Grid?

In its simplest terms, the phrase “smart grid” refers to digitizing and upgrading the electric infrastructure to allow for multi-way communication.  Currently the electric delivery system provides one-way communication.  As the grid evolves and is upgraded, many parties will have access to energy date and will be able to communicate