Most people in the industry agree the electric infrastructure is outdated and requires extensive upgrades. It’s when you get to the “How?” and “Who pays for it?” that the war begins in many jurisdictions. And if you think that having a law that supports the upgrades and implementation of the smart grid settles the matter

Fresh off of an overnight flight from attending the SmartEnergy International Summit in San Francisco, my cell phone rings this morning. It’s my mother with breaking news: “Hi Linda, I am calling to let you know we are getting the smart grid!” “Really.” “Yep. They voted to override the governor. Now I know you are

This chart demonstrates the long journey of smart grid legislation in Illinois … or at least rounds one and two. Having passed in the House on May 30, 2011, amendments to the Illinois Power Agency Act cleared the Senate on May 31, 2011, paving the way for a showdown between Governor Quinn, Ameren and Com-Ed.