Own a building or home? How energy efficient is it? The efficient use of energy is an important element towards the development of a smarter grid. One of the first steps to making a building or home more efficient is to understand how much energy it uses and how its usage compares with that of similar

I was not surprised when a recent White House Report stated that weather is the leading cause of power outages. The impact of these natural events can often be felt on a personal and professional level as homes are damaged and businesses have to close. Electricity plays a critical role as recovery efforts begin. The

The Public Utility Commission of Texas (“Commission”) says that after years of vetting smart meter deployment through public hearings, workshops and four contested cases, no one objected to orders requiring full deployment and cost recovery of advanced meters. And when health and safety concerns were subsequently raised, the Commission evaluated these issues and concluded they

Natural gas as a fuel source for electric generation has increased and the trend is likely to continue, resulting in an ongoing dialog regarding the interdependence of the natural gas and electric industries. In February 2012, the Commission began to formally examine the issue by seeking comments and over time convening technical and regional conferences.

Electric, Natural Gas, Water and Telephone…effective collaboration between these industries will improve our infrastructure. It is part of the smart in our push for a more intelligent grid. The FERC has held many workshops on Electric-Gas Coordination. On August 6, 2013, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) will be hosting a workshop on the Water

Utilities service territories are unique in many ways, including geography and culture. Despite the differences, there are benefits gained from studying the experiences of peers. Voices of Experience|Insights on Smart Grid Customer Engagement provides practical advice from utilities that have implemented smart grid projects to educate and engage their customers. It’s an effort to capture the

Most utilities list the ability to minimize theft of service as a smart grid benefit. In the same crime fighting spirit, smart meters provide customers an unexpected method of detecting a possible break-in. A customer of Georgia-based co-op Tri-State EMC stumbled upon this benefit when she noticed that usage spiked in her second home. The