According to SDG&E, customer choice is a critical driver of its smart grid deployment plan. Many of SDG&E customers are adopting rooftop solar and PEVs at rates that are among the highest in the nation. These customers are seeking real-time information about their energy use and rates so that they can make informed decisions. With smart meters already deployed throughout most of its service territory, SDG&E is leveraging the skills of our Canadian friends at the Ontario Information and Privacy Commission to apply Privacy by Design to its Dynamic Pricing Project.

Privacy by Design, often referred to as PbD, is a concept developed by Commissioner Ann Cavoukian to address the effects of information and communication technologies. It has seven foundational principles:

  • Embedding privacy requirements into smart grid designs and overall project framework
  • Ensuring privacy is the default stance of all programs
  • Making privacy an essential design feature in smart grid systems and practices
  • Solidifying privacy as a core objective of all smart grid projects
  • Incorporating privacy end-to-end throughout the entire life cycle of any personal information
  • Bolstering visibility and transparency for smart grid efforts with consumers
  • Focusing on consumer privacy as a core foundational requirement

To successfully achieve the objectives surrounding the Smart Pricing Program, SDG&E established a Project Management Office (PMO) dedicated to the implementation of the Smart Pricing Program as part of its Customer Service Division under the leadership of the Chief Customer Privacy Officer. At the project level, a privacy team and privacy champions were established as essential organizational components to integrate privacy best practices.