November 29th and 30th, 2011, are high-powered days for those in the electric industry. Tuesday, FERC began its two-day technical conference on reliability and not too far away at the Grand Hyatt in DC, Pennsylvania-based PJM kicked off Grid 20/20, a forum to provide PJM members and policy makers with cutting-edge ideas, visions and technologies

Last week, FERC issued a final rule amending regulations under the Federal Power Act regarding Demand Response Compensation in Organized Wholesale Energy Markets, putting an end to industry speculation over the value of demand response…hopefully. Regional Transmission Organizations (“RTO”) and Independent System Operators (“ISO”) must balance generation and load when clearing the day-ahead and real-time

On February 22, 2011, demand side management (“DSM”) company EnerNOC, filed a Petition for Declaratory Order requesting that FERC find that EnerNOC and other companies may continue to register customers and settle under PJM’s GLD baseline methodology as they have in previous periods without enforcement action being threatened. GLD is one of three baseline methods prescribed in