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Legislative and Regulatory Activities
In 2009 California enacted legislation (SB 17) that requires utilities to develop and implement a smart grid plan. CPUC issued a decision in 2010 to implement SB 17. SB 17 adds more smart-grid specific requirements to California’s existing requirements for electric utilities to procure energy efficiency and demand reduction products.

In 2007 the CPUC issued a decision that required investor-owned utilities to produce a strategic plan for energy efficiency through 2020 and beyond. The plan had to incorporate demand-side programs such as energy efficiency, self-generation, advanced metering and demand response. In 2008 the CPUC incorporated the utilities’ strategic plans to create a new plan called the “California Long-Term Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan,” which has been updated recently.

In 2008 the California Energy Commission and the CPUC jointly published an Energy Action Plan, seeking to adopt load management standards (including Advanced Metering Infrastructure standards) to establish a demand-response infrastructure. The CEC opened a rulemaking proceeding to achieve that goal by considering “any rate tariffs, equipment, software, automatic technologies, and other measures and regulations that would be appropriate to achieve a price-responsive electricity market.”

In December 2008, the CPUC opened a proceeding to consider smart grid technologies in light of the federal Energy Information and Security Act of 2007, and it issued a decision in 2009.

Cost Recovery
Investor-owned utilities are allowed a normal rate of return on smart grid investments, and costs of energy efficiency and conservation programs are recovered through a ratepayer surcharge.

Investor-Owned Utilities

  • Southern California Edison
  • San Diego Gas & Electric Company
  • Pacific Gas & Electric Company

The smart meter deployment schedules are discussed hereCurrently, the CPUC has asked PG&E to submit a smart-meter opt-out plan, citing health concerns raised by some citizens (see entry).